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Substance ACETIC ACID, SOLUTION with at least 10% by mass and at most 80% by mass acid
UN number 2790
Hazard identification number 80
ADR label 8
ADR Class 8
Classification code C3
Packing group II, III
ERIC 8-03
Information for accident response

Corrosive, causes damage to skin, eyes, and respiratory tract.
Flash point higher than 60°C or non-flammable.
Heating of containers causes pressure increase with the risk of bursting, followed by an explosion.
Emits corrosive and irritating vapors (even when burning).
Can corrode metals, forming hydrogen gas. This can lead to the formation of an explosive mixture with air.
The vapor may be invisible and is heavier than air. Therefore, it spreads over the ground and can penetrate basements and sewers.
Personal protection.
Use chemical-resistant overalls.
Use respiratory protection.
Use gas-tight suit in the vicinity of the substance or vapor.
Source control.
4.1 General.
Stay upwind. Enter the danger zone only with the appropriate protective clothing.
4.2 Leakage.
Stop the leakage if possible.
Dilute the leaked product with water if necessary to reduce danger. Prevent the spread of diluted product by any means.
Alert the responsible authority if the substance has entered water or sewer.
Ventilate basements and sewers, if this can be done without risks to personnel and bystanders.
4.3 Fire (involving the substance).
Cool container(s) with water.
Extinguish with water mist.
Never extinguish with a solid water jet.
Use a spray jet to knock down smoke.
Prevent unnecessary runoff of extinguishing agents. Consider the environment!
First aid.
If the substance gets into the eyes, rinse with water for at least 15 minutes. Then have the eyes examined by a doctor as soon as possible.
Remove contaminated clothing immediately. Then rinse the contaminated skin with large amounts of water.
Persons who have been in contact with the substance or have inhaled vapors should be examined immediately by a doctor. Provide all available product information.
Do not use mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but use alternative methods. Preferably administer extra oxygen.
Precautions for cleaning up substance.
Use acid-resistant tools.
Collect product in a drum with a valve equipped with an absorbent filter.
Disinfection after source control.
7.1 Personnel disinfection.
Rinse contaminated clothing and respiratory protection with water before removing the face shield or clothing.
Use chemical-resistant overalls and respiratory protection when undressing or disinfecting contaminated colleagues or when working with contaminated tools.
7.2 Equipment disinfection.
Rinse with water before leaving the scene of the incident.